Chapter 2023

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(l-r) Sister John Evelyn DiTrolio, (Sister Assistant), Sister Mary Ellen Tennity, (General Superior), Sister Mary Sue Carwile, (Second Councilor), Sister Monica Therese Sicilia, (First Councilor), and Sister Kathleen Monica Schipani, (Third Councilor)

Chapter 2023 Information & Constant Contact emails (latest communication is at the top): (Download Logo Here)

Chapter 2023: November 2022  Ponderings, Questions and Reflections 

Chapter 2023: Pre-Chapter Meeting on Oct 1, 2022 Overview & Summary (Constant Contact email)

Chapter 2023 Participation – List of Delegates (Constant Contact email)

Chapter 2023 Participation – List of Potential Delegates (Constant Contact email)

Ritual Guide for Leader

Ritual of Delegate Commitment

Ritual of Membership

Ritual of Membership – Alternate Form – Large Community

Pre-Chapter Communication # 3 – Chapter Participation Rituals for Membership Support and Delegate Discernment (This will be made into a link AFTER the email is sent – can’t get the link prior to then.)

  • Essential Qualities of a Chapter Delegate

    • An appreciation for and practice of a contemplative and discerning approach to the Chapter process.
    • An openness to the movement of the Spirit and an attitude of deep listening that recognizes the intrinsic wisdom of the group.
    • A passion for the present and future life of the Congregation
    • A willingness to risk sharing personal insights for the sake of the whole and to embrace what is best for the common good.
    • The capacity and willingness to study and reflect on materials in preparation for Chapter meetings.
    • The physical and emotional energy for engagement in dialogue, prayer, and decision-making.
    • The capacity to participate actively in the implementation process.
  • Discernment for Chapter Delegates – PowerPoint

  • Chapter Upcoming Significant Dates for Discernment for Delegates

    • May 1 – Materials received by Local Communities
    • May 11 – Ritual of Membership
    • May 12 – Ritual for Delegate Discernment
    • May 23 – List of potential Delegates will be shared for affirmation
    • May 31 – Ritual of Affirmation
    • June 13 – Publication of Chapter 2023 Delegate List
  • Dates for Pre-Chapter & Chapter Meetings

    • October 1, 2022 – Congregational Meeting
    • February 25, 2023 – Congregational Meeting
    • March 25, 2023 – Congregational Meeting
    • April 15, 2023 – Congregational Meeting
    • June 25, 2023 – July 2, 2023 Chapter 2023

Pre-Chapter Meeting on March 19th