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The Companions in Prayer and Ministry is a spiritual association engaging participants in opportunities for prayer and spiritual development. In 1988, a group of sisters volunteered to explore ways in which Sisters could share spiritually and minister more fruitfully to those with whom we share the work of Catholic education. A survey of apostolic co-workers and friends confirmed a desire on the part of our lay associates to share spiritual opportunities flowing from our IHM spirit and traditions. The initial venture in March 1990, A Day of Reflection for our IHM Lay Associates, was confirmed “a successful and enriching experience” by all who participated.

A committee of interested Sisters and Companions coordinates the activities of the group, which include a yearly day of recollection, monthly prayer and social gatherings for small local groups, and convent outreach. The membership of Companions in Prayer and Ministry is composed of men and women who are or have been associated with the IHM Sisters in apostolic works through the years. All members receive the Newsletter and enjoy book reviews, tidbits of IHM history, articles on spiritual topics and community traditions, and pertinent updates on community events.  Our focus is monthly virtue, faith sharing of scripture/spiritual reading, Adoration and socialization.

Read the CPM Fall 2020 Newsletter.
To learn more about the Companions in Ministry, email Sister Francis Helen Murphy, IHM
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