Social Justice Efforts

IHM Social Justice efforts strive to raise the level of awareness of justice spirituality and emerging social justice issues. Such a task requires steeping ourselves in the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, identifying critical issues of the day, and devising a deliberate response to the task of caring for all of God’s creations, especially the most vulnerable. All are encouraged to do justice by working for systemic change. Social Justice Spirituality has shaped and focused our commitment through the use of the three-pronged strategy of education, prayer, and action.

Focus for 2020-2021

Accepting the gospel mandate to love everyone in our human family as brothers and sisters we, IHM’s, choose the Catholic Social Teaching of Solidarity to be our focus for the year 2020-2021.

Because Solidarity recognizes the God given dignity of each human person, it rests on the principle that we are one family, regardless of our nationality, race, religion, gender, age, ability or economic status.   We share the same common home and are called to its stewardship, i.e. care for the Earth and care for each other. Solidarity compels us to stand with and for each other in the face of injustice and hate.

Catholic Social Teaching

Catholic Social Teaching is a body of teaching drawn from Biblical, Moral and Ecclesial resources and set forth in papal, conciliar and episcopal documents developed over time. It speaks with relevance to specific social issues, and strongly suggests the need for a response. Seven key themes constitute the heart of Catholic social tradition.