OGF Digital Reservoir – Articles

(used by Committee for Contemplative Processing / Prayer before Meetings)

Five Leadership Lessons From Dr. Martin Luther King

THE GIFT OF A STRANGER: Forcibly Displaced People and Hope-Gifting

Seeing rightly: my moral education on racism

Fall, 2020 Checking in on sisters around the world: COVID-19 has constrained ministries

Fall, 2020 This moment needs transformational leaders

Fall, 2020 Amid pandemic, women religious persevere in ministries to those in need

Fall, 2020 God is present for a sister-nurse in the time of COVID-19

November, 2019: based on article suggested for review of gathering
New Study on Cultural Diversity Displays Catholic Church’s Growing Multicultural Parish Population /USCCB

November 14, 2019 meeting: How immigration affects the three Americas / America Magazine

October, 2019: based on article suggested for preparation for gathering
Experts on multicultural parishes share best ways to create community

September 19, 2019 meeting:   Gina Messina / Catholic Women Preach

Summer, 2019 reading:  White Supremacy and Me and You /National Catholic Reporter

May 16, 2019 meeting:  10 ways Hispanics are redefining American Catholicism in the 21st century /American Magazine

March 23, 2019 meetingThe Power of Influence / Global Sisters Report

March, 2019 Reading:  The Call to Inclusion

February 9, 2019 meeting: Collective Transformation In an era of change  / Community Works, Inc

February 7, 2019 meeting: Contemplative Presence in an Era of Complexity