Give a Gift

Most people give to charity. Most want to know that their financial support is being used for the purpose intended. We guarantee that every dollar contributed makes its way to an IHM ministry that is in special need or to the Congregational retirement fund. Many donors have been educated by the IHM sisters, some have daughters or relatives in the Congregation, and some have been partners in ministry with us over our long history. A few know us indirectly but have caught the IHM spirit through friends and relatives. However we are connected, the bond is strong and lasting. Best of all, your gift entitles you to be remembered in the daily prayers of every IHM sister on mission and the redemptive prayers and works of 0ur sisters residing in Camilla Hall, also known as our Powerhouse of Prayer. This is our gift to you in return for your gift to us.


Annual Appeal

Each November, an appeal is made to all donors for financial support. This request has varied levels of giving and all contributions are noted in our Annual Appeal Report that reaches your home in October. In February and June, our magazine will highlight our ministries, our sisters, and Camilla Hall, keeping you in touch with IHM happenings.

On-Line Giving

One of the fastest growing ways to contribute is by on-line giving. If you wish to contribute to our Annual Appeal or make a gift at any other time of the year, click below to make a credit card or e-check donation.

Make a gift online


Just as planning is essential in today’s society, so too, it is essential for our IHM Congregation. Consider being part of the St. Alphonsus Liguori Legacy Society. Your will is a legal record which will distribute your assets to those you designate after your death. It is a responsible way to ensure that your affairs are settled according to your wishes. By leaving a gift in your estate to the IHM Congregation, you ensure that the work you supported during your lifetime will continue to be active and viable after your death. You can designate your gift to help any of our IHM ministries, our sisters in Camilla Hall, or the Congregation in general. If you have a will, a simple codicil may be added. If you do not have a will, contact your attorney to assist you and inform them of your intention to share your estate with the IHM Congregation.