Statues of the IHM Congregation…Then and Now

Whenever you come to Villa Maria House of Studies, do you ever notice the number of statues that grace our motherhouse entrances, hallways, stairways, and great outdoors?  Do you sometimes realize that a statue looks vaguely familiar, perhaps from your not-so-distant past?  If you entered our community at Villa Maria, West Chester, the connections begin to materialize.   If you entered at Villa Maria House of Studies, hopefully you will get a sense of Villa Maria, West Chester’s indoor and outdoor inspirational beauty, which was lovingly transferred to Villa Maria House of Studies.

IHM Archivist Sister St. Michel Mullany had the foresight to create an album called, “Statues of the Congregation…Then and Now.”  We are deeply grateful to her, and perhaps her assistants, for preserving this important expression of our Catholic Faith and Congregational history.

We invite you now to take a quiet moment and enjoy the pages of this album, as it evokes memories of the past, as well as invites us into the present and beyond.  May Our Lord, His Blessed Mother, our Holy Patrons and other Saints continue to intercede for all people, most especially for world peace at this time, especially between Ukraine and Russia.


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