Sister Maureen James Lilly, IHM

Sister Maureen James Lilly, IHM died in Camilla Hall on October 20, 2023.  Sister Maureen was in the 74th year of her religious life. Sister was an invaluable community member at Holy Innocents Convent and Little Flower High School. Sister served the Sisters, the Students and her Colleagues both at home and in school.

Sister suffered a massive stroke during the week of October 16; Sister went directly to the hospital for treatment. For Sister Maureen’s peace of mind and comfort, a decision was made to allow her to be with her IHM Sisters at Camilla Hall.

Joan Marie Lilly was born on June 3, 1931 in Philadelphia. Joan and her brother James were raised by their Mom and Dad in St. Rose of Lima Parish in Philadelphia. Joan attended St. Rose of Lima Elementary (1937-1945), West Catholic High School (1945-1949), and, later while in Community, Immaculata College.

Joan entered the Congregation on September 8, 1949; she received her habit and her religious name, Sister Maureen James, on April 10, 1950. Sister Maureen James professed her First Vows on April 13, 1952.

Sister Maureen James began her teaching ministry in the fall of 1952. Sister served in a variety of places: Annunciation, Philadelphia; St. Rose of Lima, Eddystone; Mt. Carmel, Bridgeport; Transfiguration, Philadelphia; St. Francis de Sales, Philadelphia; St. Anselm, Philadelphia; Immaculate Heart, Chester. In the fall of 1987, Sister served as Principal and Superior of St. Rose of Lima School and Convent. Until the school year end in 1994. In the fall of 1994 through the school year ending in 2000, Sister served as the Superior of the Convent and Principal of St. Charles Borromeo School in Bensalem.

In the fall of 2000 through August 2007 Sister Maureen James worked diligently and faithfully at the Most Blessed Sacrament Maxis Center. This program of Pastoral Ministry was designed to enhance the lives of many poor ones in the Philadelphia area. Over the years of Sister’s teaching ministry, she worked beautifully with many poor families; her experience and her attitude of service was invaluable as a Pastoral Minister.

From the fall of 2007 through June 2011, Sister worked as a general office assistant at St. Veronica School in Philadelphia. Sister’s contribution to her local community and her school community was one hundred percent.

Sister Maureen James next served at Little Flower High School until her overpowering stroke took her from that loving community. Sister was named as a ‘library assistant’ but her gifts far exceeded assisting in the library. Wherever Sister Maureen James ministered, she did it with her whole heart – from her first mission to her last, Sister’s love for those under her care was clear. God love Sister Maureen James!

Sister Maureen is survived by her IHM Community at Holy Innocents Convent, our IHM Congregation at large, her dearest friend of many years Sister M. Ellen Anne Heiler, IHM, and her many nieces, nephews, grandnieces, and grandnephews. Sister Maureen is predeceased by her parents James Lilly and Marie (Magee) Lilly and her brother James Lilly (Barbara).

Reverend Michael Hennelly (Homilist) along with Rev. Msgr. Thomas Dunleavy, Reverend Msgr. William Kaufman, Rev. Msgr. William Pashley, Rev. Richard Antonucci, O.Praem, Rev. Louis Bellopede, Rev. Thomas Higgins, Rev. Andrew Lane, Rev. Joseph McCaffrey, Rev. Jon McFadden, Rev. Michael Olivere, Rev. William Trader, O.Praem and Deacon Leonard DeMasi joined around the altar to celebrate the life of Sister Maureen James’s Funeral Mass on Friday, October 27, 2023 at 10:30 a.m.

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be sent to:
Camilla Hall Nursing Home
IHM Mission Advancement Office
230 IHM Drive
Malvern, PA 19355