Sister M. Dalia Flores, IHM

Sister M. Dalia Flores (Formerly Sister Maria Graciela) died in Camilla Hall on Thursday, September 6, 2023, one month after celebrating her 87th birthday in the 68th year of her religious life.

Dalia Flores-Armestar was born on August 6, 1936 in Lima, Peru. Dalia’s parents Humberto Flores and Graciela Armestar were born in Truyillo, Peru. The parish from which Dalia entered the community was Corozon deJesus in La Punta, Peru.

Dalia’s early education took place at the American School (1942-1950) and secondary education took place at St. Anthony (1950-1954) in Callao, Peru. Later, while in Community, Dalia earned her degree in Elementary Education and Spanish from Immaculata College.

Dalia Flores-Armestar entered the Congregation on September 8, 1955, she received her habit and her religious name, Sister Maria Graciela, on March 8, 1956 and pronounced her First Vows on August 15, 1957. At the time our Sisters had the opportunity to return to the use of our baptismal names, Sister Graciela chose to return to Dalia.

Shortly after First Profession, Sister Dalia began her teaching ministry. Nearly all of Sister’s ministry, Sister worked with children in grades one through four in South America.

That being said, Sister Dalia did have the opportunity to teach children in St. James School in Falls Church, Virginia for two years; and in St. Peter School in Reading for two years.

From 1957 to January 2016, Sister Dalia served wholeheartedly in many different capacities during her 66 years of ministry as a beloved IHM Sister. Sister was an excellent primary grade teacher; the Director of Instruction of Religion; Escuelita Coordinator, Principal, Reading/Religion instructor in the Escuelita; Assistant in Kindergarten; Teacher of English in the Institute at San Antono.

In January 2016 to September 2018, Sister assisted in her convent Inmaculado Corazon in Lima. In September 2018, Sister Dalia came to North America to continue her faithful service of prayer and action at our Convent Home in Camilla Hall.

After serving in Camilla Hall, Sister died peacefully on September 6, 2023 with her IHM Sisters surrounding her with love and prayer.

In addition to her IHM Community, Sister Dalia is survived by her sister, Celia Flores de Gioffre, her nieces, nephews, grandnieces, and grandnephews.  Sister Dalia is predeceased by her parents Humberto Flores Angulo and Graciela Armestar de Flores, her sisters Graciela Flores de Joseph and Zoila Flores de Cruzalegui.

Reverend John Burger, SSC celebrated Sister Dalia’s Funeral Mass on Wednesday, September 13, 2023, at 10:30 a.m.

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be sent to:
Camilla Hall Nursing Home
IHM Mission Advancement Office
230 IHM Drive
Malvern, PA 19355