Sister Clare Mary Butterhof, IHM

Sister Clare Mary Butterhof died in Camilla Hall on November 29, 2022, in the 72nd year of her religious life.

Clare Ann Butterhof was born on August 19, 1931, Sister’s parents Eugene and Ann (Morris) Butterhof raised their family of four children in St. Matthew Parish in Philadelphia. Sister Clare’s sibling, Barbara, was a fellow IHM (Sister Barbara Marian) who died in August 2011.

Clare attended St. Matthew Elementary School (1937-1945) and St. Hubert High School (1945-1949). Later, while in community, Sister earned two degrees from Immaculata College, and A.B. in Elementary Education and an M.A. in Education.

Clare Ann Butterhof entered the Congregation on September 8, 1950; she received her habit and her religious name, Sister Clare Mary, on March 26, 1951; and she professed First Vows on April 5, 1953.

Sister Clare Mary began her ministry of service immediately after professing her First Vows. At the outset of listing Sister’s many places of service, it is significant to note that Sister Clare Mary served in South America for 42 years of her religious life as an IHM Sister.

In April 1953 through June 1954 Sister instructed children in second grade at Our Lady of the Angels Parish in Philadelphia. From the school year beginning 1954 through the school year ending December 1956, Sister taught second grade children along with music at Our Lady of Charity in Brookhaven. From this point forward, Sister Clare Mary served Our Lord primarily in South America with periodic return visits to the States continuing her loving and generous service to the tasks assigned to her.

Sister’s service in South America:  Sister’s responsibilities were broad and varied. Sister taught Music to children in grades 1 – 8 from January 1957 through December 1963. From January 1965 through December 1971, Sister instructed children in grade 5 along with Music. Sister served as Vice Principal from January 1974 through August 1977 in addition to service as Superior; Sister continued serving as Superior in addition to being Principal (Grades 1-12) from August 1977 through August 1980.

Sister Clare Mary served as Regional Superior in South America in 1981 through 1988. At the end of this term, Sister served as Local Superior at our Motherhouse, Villa Maria House of Studies, from August 1988 through August 1992 at which time Sister then returned to Lima as Superior at Inmaculado Corazon until August 1998. In January 1999 until August 2005 Sister returned as Principal and Superior at Villa Maria LaPlanicie.

In August 2010 through December 2015, Sister Clare Mary made her final visit to Peru. Sister served as the Administrator of our Instituto in San Antonio, Callao until 2013, then as a teacher through the December 2015.

Sister Clare’s ministry of service in the “States:” Sister Clare taught third grade children and Music at St. Alice School in Upper Darby from January 1963 through December 1964 and again in January 1971 through the school year ending 1972 Sister taught Music. Sister Clare served as Principal and Superior at St. Veronica School/Convent from August 1972 through December 1973. Sister returned to St. Veronica for the 1980-1981 school year. Sister served as superior at our Motherhouse, Villa Maria House of Studies, from August 1988 through August 1992. From September 1998 through December 1998, Sister served as a general office assistant at Bishop Shanahan High School.

From August 2005 through July 2010, Sister Clare remained in North America. During this period, Sister served as Vice Principal of Holy Innocent Area Catholic Elementary School (8/05-8/06); general office assistant at IHM Family Literacy Center at St. Joachim Parish (8/06-8/07); Hispanic Ministry at St. Agnes Parish (8/07-8/10).

At the tender age of 84, Sister Clare Mary returned home from South America in January 2015. Sister’s generous service and beautiful IHM example was very evident as she began her mission at the Motherhouse. Sister lent valuable assistance to our Congregational Archivist as well as providing a prayerful example for all to witness.

In August 2020, our dear Sister ‘retired’ to Camilla Hall with a heart full of love, generosity, and prayerfulness. On November 29, 2022, Sister Clare Mary returned to her true home in heaven. May she intercede for us.

In addition to her IHM Community, her loving cousin Celia Rossi, and her life-long friend in Community Sister M. Agnes Andrew Logan, IHM survive Sister Clare. Sister Clare’s parents Eugene and Ann (Morris) Butterhof, her beloved sister, Sister Barbara Marian Butterhof, IHM and her brothers Eugene and John predecease Sister Clare Mary.

Reverend Michael Callaghan, CM celebrated Sister Clare Mary’s Funeral Mass on Saturday, December 3, 2022, at 10:30 a.m.

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be sent to:
Camilla Hall Nursing Home
IHM Mission Advancement Office
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Malvern, PA 19355