Schools of Distinguished Instruction

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia Office of Catholic Schools has awarded several schools a SCHOOL OF DISTINGUISHED INSTRUCTIONS status. This award is presented to schools where the Terra Nova Schools have shown growth, exceeded potential, or exceeded both growth rate and potential.

At the awards ceremony, Sister Edward William Quinn extended congratulations from the Archdiocese. We join them in our congratulations to Sister Helen Thomas McCann (Good Shepherd), Sister Patricia McCormack (Sacred Heart), Sister Carolyn Braun (Queen of Angels), Sister Teresa Ballisty (SS. Philip and James), Sister Regina Elinich (SS. Simon and Jude), Sister Danielle Therese Teti (St. Agnes), Sister Catherine Irene Masino, Sister Ann Mark Morris (St. Cecilia), Sister Shaun Thomas Callahan (St. Ephrem), Sister Mary Regina Matulka (St. Laurence), Sister Joseph Marie Carter, Sister Maureen Ann Donati (St. Matthew) and Sister Kathleen Touey (St. Pius X).