Commemorating the 61st. Anniversary of Camilla Hall Nursing Home’s Opening Day, June 2, 1960

How Providential that, on this same day, this year of 2021, Camilla Hall is beginning the Re-Opening process, following the long Covid-19 Pandemic closure! 

From the Camilla Hall Annals we read:

Read the actual text here:

On June 2, 1960, a bright sunny day, the old and sick Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary were brought down from Wernersville, Pennsylvania in Valley Forge Army Hospital ambulances driven by two Army men. Al though we expected them about 10:00 a.m., they pulled into the courtyard just as the Angelus was ringing on Immaculata’s carillons. To those of us who were wait­ing for their arrival, this struck us as being most singular. Our Lady Herself, it seemed, was telling all that we were under Her special patronage in this undertaking, as in all others. This sign brought joy and security to those of us who were standing by.

The Sisters were escorted to their rooms and made comfortable. For those who were able, a short tour of Camilla Hall was arranged. The trip from Wernersville for the very old and sick proved to be an ordeal, and they were happy to get to their cells.

About 2:00 p.m. the old and sick Sisters from West Chester arrived. Those Sisters on stretchers were brought in first. They were too sick to know what was happening. The two big Anny drivers and six seminarians which the Jesuit Fathers in Wernersville sent to assist lifted the Sisters from the ambulance gently and tenderly. Next came the Sisters in the wheel chairs, and finally those who were able to walk. The Mother General and Council were on hand to greet the Sisters and welcome them to their new Home. The adjustment which the Sisters from West Chester had to make was particularly great, for they minded leaving the Motherhouse in West Chester very much.

The occupation of Camilla Hall was effected speedily because of the organization of the project. The Sisters from Immaculata College vo1unteered their services which the General Council gladly accepted. Each Sister received a card with the names of the sick Sisters she was to greet and take charge of when the ambulances arrived. Thus, without loss of time while still maintaining a “homey” atmosphere, the sick Sisters were taken to their rooms and the courtyard cleared in short order. The Army men commented on the speed with which the whole occupation was effected.

Too much praise cannot be given to the Army men, Jesuit seminarians, Knights of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and men of Green Tree, Wootton and Immaculata far the invaluable assistance given to us this memorable day. We realize that they considered it a privilege to be a part of this special pro­ject of ours; nevertheless, we acknowledge our indebtedness to them for their generous services, for without them our difficulties in this undertaking would have been almost insurmountable.

Camilla Hall stands as a magnificent monument to the generosity and sacrifices of our dear Sisters, their families and friends. May the graces that must emanate from Camilla Hall prove more than a recompense to each and everyone!