Chapter of Affairs Committee Presentations

July 1

Charism Presentation

Charism Presentation Script

Charism Committee Report

July 2

Community Life Presentation

Community Life Script

Governance Committee: Part 1

Governance Committee:Part 1 Script

July 3

Community Life Revisions

(Wording on the slides is the script)

Governance Committee Revisions from Part I

Governance Revisions Script

Governance Committee: Part 2 and Part 3

Governance Committee:Part 2 and 3 Script

July 4

New Membership Committee Presentation

New Membership Committee Script

Faithful Witness & Proposals Committee Presentation

(Wording on the slides is the script)

July 5

Governance Revisions Presentation

Governance Revisions Script

Mission and Ministry: Part 1

Mission and Ministry:Part 1 Script

July 6

Mission and Ministry: Part 2A & 2B

Mission and Ministry: Part 2A & 2B Script

Ongoing Formation Presentation

Ongoing Formation Presentation Script

Faithful Witness: The General Chapter

Faithful Witness: General Chapter:Script

July 7

Mission and Ministry Final Recommendations

Ongoing Formation Final Recommendations

July 8

July 9