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Whether IHMs pray or serve, it is always a matter of HEART.

"What is it about fire? Fire draws us, attracts us, bids us come closer. Fire's light invites us to come and see. Fire then touches us with warmth, its heat, pleasant and comforting, or searing and penetrating. Fire has yet one more mystery in its nature: unlike air or water, fire can be shared without diminishment. A candle lit from one simple source of fire can ignite great flames. In our own time, picture the running of the Olympic flame: person after person, with torch after torch, through country after country, and finally, a moment when the last torch lights a cauldron of fire for the Olympic Games. Sisters, we are called to be fire! And so, our theme for today: 'Encounter: Be the Fire!'"

Sister Lorraine McGrew, IHM
2016 Convocation Address

We invite you to enter into the spirit of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, -- a spirit of joy and simplicity, of warmth and hospitality.

Founded in 1845 by courageous pioneers who trusted completely in the Providence of God, the IHM Congregation remains today a sign of hope to the People of God to whom the Sisters strive to bring the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, the Redeemer.

Welcome to our Postulants, Beth Bartholomew and Christine Zabel, pictured here with their Directress, Sister Koreen Marie Cote
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