October 2020 Ongoing Formation Information

Questions Being Pondered

1) In light of our goal for 2020-2021, how have the past 6 months redefined your understanding of “emerging needs” in
2) In light of our goal for 2020-2021, where have you seen the need for more efforts with inclusion and cultural sensitivity in
your local mission/ministry? Can you give specific examples of efforts made in your “world” in last 6 months?
3) In light of our goal for 2020-2021 & in consideration of our charism rooted in an awareness of Divine Providence at work,
cite examples of the presence of Providence or a new awareness of how & where it can be more visible in this coming year.
4) In light of the pandemic and ongoing civil tensions here in the U.S., what is your response to this goal as Fall 2020 unfolds?